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Consulting, Development and Coaching For Business and Executives

Coaching 4 Companies focus is to partner with organizations, teams, and individual leaders. We offer a variety of professional products and services centering around performance, growth, and success at B2B and B2C levels.

Our promise:  Real Performance  |  Real Growth  |  Real Success

  • Consulting – “We partner with you for Real Performance”
  • Development – “We partner with you for Real Growth”
  • Coaching – “We partner with you for Real Success”

Skills 4 Executives

The executive services offered by Coaching 4 Companies are performed under the umbrella of Skills 4 Executives Limited (S4E). Originally founded as a Hong Kong-registered company, we now operate in four countries with C4C as one of four business divisions.

CEOs and CHROs, have you asked...

  • What are our key performance indicators (KPIs) and how are we tracking them?
  • What are our competitive advantages and how are we leveraging them?
  • What are the current market trends and how are they impacting business?
  • How are we managing risk and ensuring business continuity?
  • What is our vision for the future and how are we working towards it?
  • What is our leadership pipeline and succession plan?
  • How are we fostering a culture of continuous learning and development?
  • Are we promoting diversity and inclusion in our executive ranks?
  • How are we identifying and addressing skill gaps among our executive talent?
  • What is our strategy for attracting and retaining top executive talent?

The above, are a sampling of the questions that our professional teams will help explore together with you and your teams to find that optimum performance.

our founder

  • >45 years of enjoying all levels of corporate and entrepreneurial life.
  • Established 9 businesses and founded 2 companies
  • Lived and worked on multiple continents, with people from more than 100 countries
  • International best-selling author of two books
  • “Executive Coach of the Year 2022,” award by CEO Today magazine

Wayne consults and advises businesses on their strategic operations while working with all levels of executives who wish to transition to that next level.

Typically these executives are motivated and know what they want but lack the habits, discipline, and leadership attributes required to transition them to that next level.

They face daily challenges from multiple stakeholders while attempting to manage teams.

These executives need personal development that is often supported by coaching to help generate greater insights and impact.

s4e profile

Secrets Learned from >45 years’ thriving through all levels of professional life

We all face challenges in our private and professional lives. Finding ways to overcome or mitigate those challenges enables us to continue moving forward. By doing this, we lessen the chance of losing focus on the things that truly matter.

I’ve encountered numerous setbacks and disappointment, only to bounce back even stronger and achieve successive new highs each time.

At age 25, newly married and during construction of my first home, suddenly laid off, living from savings and Union handouts.

The ten years that followed consisted of highs and lows, traveling, working, and growing in exotic and remote locations, covering the width and breadth of Australia and New Zealand. From island resorts to iron ore smelters, from icy winters to sweltering summers. From the majestic countryside to barren plains. From starting my first business to being investigated for fraud and embezzlement.

Fast forward 15 more years and those swings continued. As did my learning and growth, with each stumble providing opportunities to pause and reflect, seeking ways to regroup and capitalize, before resuming that upward trajectory.

Turning 50, saw plenty to celebrate – a successful career, living the life of an expat, financially secure, but then came the lows and they were extreme. Aggressive cancer, divorce, and bankruptcy to name just three. The mental and physical challenges were immense.

However, I not only survived but have thrived. Living and working across the world, even becoming a global head of Learning. Along the way I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing enormously diverse cultures with wonderfully gifted people.

My journey in helping others has become my obsession. It’s what ignites the flame that gets me leaping out of bed each morning. There are few rewards greater than being able to utilize my learned skills and support executives who are stuck and unfortunately cannot find clarity. At the same they wish to overcome their career challenges and feel better defined. I feel blessed to work with each of them and cherish the moments as we co-create their future together.

Wayne Brown continues to research and study Organizational and Positive Psychology together with Neuroscience, which support his evidence-based approach to transformative practices with clients across the globe.

Global pioneers

Just like our business and client base, our team spans many corners of the world. We love welcoming the right people to our team regardless of demographic.
our values

our values

We value contribution, growth, fulfillment, and delight
as we strive to deliver on our brand promise

our mission

our mission

Consulting | Development | Coaching.
Real performance, Real Growth, Real Success

our vision


Delivering a positive and transformative impact for all -
Our clients, associates, partners, counterparts, community.

living our purpose

‘Because we value contribution, growth, fulfillment, and delighting others, we will use our gifts of being strategists, futurists, relators, maximizes, and learners to stimulate the thoughts of the world’s population and thereby contribute to the development and growth of humanity’

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