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A Future-Forward Business Strategy using 3 Horizons

Applying the three-horizon framework when creating a future-forward business strategy

In an era of rapid change and innovation, businesses must not only respond to the challenges of today but also anticipate and shape the future. Crafting a future-forward business strategy requires a systematic and visionary approach. One such powerful tool in the arsenal of strategic planning is the Three-Horizon Framework.

In this article, we explore how applying this framework can be a game-changer, particularly when guided by the expertise of Business Performance Consulting.

“Strategic planning is worthless—unless there is first a strategic vision.”

– John Naisbitt

Each horizon represents a different focus

The Three-Horizon Framework, popularized by McKinsey & Company, provides a structured way for businesses to think about their innovation and growth strategies across three distinct horizons or timeframes. Each horizon represents a different focus, ranging from short-term, incremental improvements to long-term, disruptive innovations.

Horizon 1 (H1) – Core Business

H1 represents the current business operations and focuses on optimizing and enhancing existing products, services, and processes. It involves incremental improvements, efficiency gains, and maximizing the value of current offerings. In the context of Business Performance Consulting, H1 aligns with refining and optimizing current business processes for immediate impact on performance.

Horizon 2 (H2) – Adjacent Opportunities

H2 involves exploring adjacent opportunities that build on existing capabilities but introduce new elements. It’s about creating innovation in products, services, or markets that are closely related to the core business. Business Performance Consulting, within the H2 context, plays a critical role in identifying and exploiting these adjacent opportunities for growth and diversification.

Horizon 3 (H3) – Transformational Innovation

H3 focuses on longer-term, transformational innovations that have the potential to disrupt the market. It involves exploring entirely new and often risky ideas that could reshape the industry. Business Performance Consulting in the H3 horizon requires a forward-thinking approach, helping businesses anticipate and adapt to transformative changes, and ensuring they stay ahead of the curve.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

– Charles Darwin

Integration of Business Performance Consulting 

Horizon 1 (H1) – Immediate Impact

In the realm of Business Performance Consulting, H1 is where the consultants roll up their sleeves and dive into the existing operations of a business. Here, the emphasis is on identifying inefficiencies, streamlining processes, and improving overall performance metrics. Whether it’s implementing new technologies, optimizing supply chain logistics, or enhancing customer service protocols, the goal is immediate impact and efficiency gains.

Example Case Study

A manufacturing company engages in Business Performance Consulting to streamline its production processes. Through the identification of bottlenecks, implementation of lean methodologies, and employee training programs, the company achieves a notable increase in productivity and cost-effectiveness.

Horizon 2 (H2) – Diversification and Expansion

As businesses look beyond their immediate operations, Business Performance Consultants operating in H2 focus on identifying opportunities for expansion and diversification. This could involve entering new markets, introducing complementary products or services, or forming strategic partnerships. Consultants play a crucial role in market research, risk analysis, and the development of strategies that align with the business’s core competencies.

Example Case Study

A technology company, with expertise in software development, engages in Business Performance Consulting to explore adjacent opportunities. The consultants identify a growing demand for related cybersecurity services and guide the company in successfully entering this new market, leveraging its existing capabilities.

Horizon 3 (H3) – Anticipating Disruption

H3 is the horizon of transformational change, where disruptive innovations are not just anticipated but actively sought. Business Performance Consulting in H3 involves fostering a culture of innovation within the organization, monitoring emerging trends, and helping businesses adapt to radical shifts in technology, consumer behavior, or industry norms.

Example Case Study

A financial services firm partners with Business Performance Consultants to navigate the H3 landscape. The consultants help the company explore blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and decentralized finance, positioning it as an industry leader in the rapidly evolving financial landscape.

“The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence

—it is to act with yesterday’s logic.”

– Peter Drucker

Challenges and Benefits of the Three-Horizon Framework


Balancing Short-Term and Long-Term Goals

One challenge businesses face is striking the right balance between immediate operational needs (H1) and the long-term vision for transformation (H3).

Cultural Shift

Moving from a focus on optimization and efficiency (H1) to embracing innovation and risk (H3) requires a cultural shift within the organization, which can be challenging to navigate.

Resource Allocation

Allocating resources effectively across all three horizons without neglecting any can be a complex task. It requires strategic decision-making and a deep understanding of the business landscape.


Strategic Alignment

The Three-Horizon Framework ensures that a business’s strategy aligns with both its current needs and future aspirations. It provides a roadmap for sustained growth and adaptability.

Innovation Mindset

By incorporating all three horizons, businesses foster an innovation mindset. Business Performance Consulting plays a crucial role in cultivating this mindset by encouraging creativity, adaptability, and a proactive approach to change.

Competitive Advantage

Businesses that successfully navigate all three horizons gain a competitive advantage. They are not only responsive to current market demands but are also positioned to lead in emerging markets and technologies.

“Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.”

– Theodore Levitt


In the dynamic landscape of today’s business environment, a future-forward strategy is not a luxury but a necessity. The Three-Horizon Framework, when applied with the guidance of Business Performance Consulting, provides a structured and comprehensive approach to strategic planning. It enables businesses to optimize current operations, explore adjacent opportunities, and position themselves as leaders in the face of transformative changes.

By seamlessly integrating the three horizons, businesses can navigate the complexities of the present while actively shaping a successful and resilient future.

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