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Hi, I’m Wayne!

I’m an Executive Career Coach with over 45 years experience in all levels of Corporate organizations and Entrepreneurial start-ups. In the last two decades, I’ve trained under some of the worlds leading authorities in communication.

After working beside many brilliant-minded business leaders and watching them realize only average results because of their inability to communicate effectively, I’ve been on a quest to understand how this career inhibitor can be overcome and reversed.

This has led to the discovery that two of the most common obstacles are your inner voice and the connection you make directly or through others when communicating. And this is what we want to help you with in this 3 video-eBook mini-series.

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What you’ll learn in this video-eBook mini-series

Video 1: What challenges do leaders face from their inner voice and what is the basis of that inner voice?

The inner voice can have a significant impact on a leader's ability to lead effectively. The basis of the inner voice is our beliefs, experiences, and values, which can lead to either a positive or negative outlook.

Video 2: What challenges do leaders face when they are communicating directly, with those they need to influence?

Communicating is an essential part of leadership, but it can also present a range of challenges for leaders. These include a lack of clarity, nervousness or anxiety, a lack of engagement, cultural and language barriers, and technical difficulties.

Video 3: What challenges do leaders face when leaving their communication to a source other than direct and live?

Communication through a source other than direct and live is complex and varied. The challenges range from misinterpretation, lack of feedback, and trust issues to cultural differences and technological limitations.

eBook: The genius of our black box brain in deciphering communication. Do we expect too much of it?

The brain plays a critical role in the communication process, as it receives, processes, and stores information from our senses and experiences. Yet our prior experiences, beliefs, biases, and perceptions can impact this process.

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The video-eBook mini-series contains insights that I have practiced and mentored many executives on around the world during my 45-year career!

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The entire Mastermind journey includes pre and post learning, in addition to the 8-hours of workshop. The program is also supported with videos, workbooks, breakout sessions, hot-seat and group coaching.

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