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Improve your knowledge, polish your techniques, expand your toolkit, and ultimately transform your career with the insights gained from these four unique real-case business and leadership scenarios.

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Meet Your Challenge Host

Wayne Brown, Founder and CEO of our company, brings over 45 years of international experience in corporate and entrepreneurial organisations. As a BusinessConsultant, Advisor, and Executive Development Coach, Wayne has supported the successful development and growth of numerous companies and individuals worldwide. He is a globally renowned master facilitator, international best-selling author, and award-winning development coach.

Possibly the most important aspect is that he continues to practice what he preaches with his own teams across the globe.

Why Attend the Challenge?


Expert Insights

Gain knowledge from seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience and insights.


Practical Knowledge

Learn real-world applications that you can implement immediately.


Networking Opportunities

Connect with like-minded professionals and expand your network.


Interactive Session

Engage with the host through Q&A sessions and discussions.

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Life-long resource

Yours to access and reference for life.

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Enhance your Challenge experience by joining our exclusive VIP Challenger Program. For a tiered low fee, you can immerse yourself into our quarterly Challenges, that range from 2 to 5 days, with 90-minute sessions each day.

VIP Challenger fees start at $29 for 2-days through to $59 for the 5-day Challenge

VIP Benefits:

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Exclusive Access

Participate in in-depth sessions with the Challenge facilitator.

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Continuous Gifts

Receive beautifully crafted workbooks and other free gifts pre, during, and post Challenge.



Connect with other professionals in a focused setting.

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Special Access

Access to the Mastermind.com learning platform and our purposely designed Challenger programs.

VIP Challengers receive even more, including an expanded workbook, desktop wallpapers, Do not disturb signage, Attendance badges, access to the Mastermind.com learning platform, VIP Challenger certificate and Group Coaching call.

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