Change Mastery

Change Catalysts Wanted! Enter this Mastermind Universe and transition from Leader to Change Legend.

This Mastermind will be hosted by International Coach, Facilitator, and Key Note Speaker, Wayne Brown

Corporate Leader

Master Facilitator

Award Winning Coach

Keynote Speaker

Best-Selling Author

Why do you need this Mastermind?

And why is now the most critical time ever to join?

Discover Your Crucial Role in the Change Journey!

Are you the visionary Senior Executive guiding the transformation, the driving force behind this Change initiative, or part of the dynamic team propelling this transition forward? Your part in this exciting journey is pivotal, and it evolves as we progress.

Dive Deep into the 3B’s – Beginning, Body & Beyond

Delve into the heart of the change journey by breaking it down into three distinctive phases: Beginning, Body, and Beyond. This approach allows us to thoroughly analyze each stage, discern the specific needs, and pinpoint the most impactful strategies for success

Cutting-Edge Techniques, Powerful Tools & Blueprints!

Join our exclusive Mastermind event, where we unveil a world of innovation, introducing you to game-changing techniques, essential tools, and time-tested blueprints that will elevate your change initiative to new heights and position you as a Change Catalyst.

Transform Change into Unstoppable Success!

Our Mastermind event is designed to revolutionize your leadership and energize your stakeholders. With your team’s unwavering support, your bosses’ resounding approval, and your clients’ warm reception, change will never again be synonymous with failure!

Join the Ultimate Change Mastermind

Resources provided to help you become the Ultimate Mastermind.

  • Pre-session videos, eBooks and virtual check-in
  • 8-hour Mastermind workshop comprising 4 x 2hr sessions
  • Countless handouts and guides including A detailed 100-page workshop handbook
  • Hot seat coaching, quiz, and break-out sessions and exercises
  • Prioritized future growth ideas and Needle Mover actions
  • 4 x refresher videos and numerous articles for post-session learning
  • Post-session 60-minute group coaching call
  • Exclusive Mastermind-4-Executives network alumni with like-minded peers

Don’t delay – LIMITED Seating Available

This Mastermind commences in exactly








Mastermind Timing Options

Timing #1

Virtual Check-in Call
8 pm HKT Nov 24

Workshop (4 daily sessions)
8 pm - 10 pm HKT Nov 27-30

Group Coaching Call
8 pm HKT Dec 7

Timing #2

Virtual Check-in Call
3 pm HKT Nov 24

Workshop (2 days)
10:30 am - 3:30 pm HKT Nov 27-28

Group Coaching Call
3 pm HKT Dec 7

Timing #3

Virtual Check-in Call
4 pm HKT Nov 24

Workshop (1 day)
8 am - 6 pm HKT Nov 30

Group Coaching Call
3 pm HKT Dec 7

Incredible value @ only $599

Don’t pay the full price of more than $3000

One of the greatest Masterminds you will attend this year!

Yanni Chen


Brilliant and engaging. I learnt so much and left with a bag full of useful material.

Nazeer Ahmed


Masterful Mastermind. One not to be missed. I never realized there was so much I could do.

Juan Miguel Lahoz


The coach is the world Master of Facilitation. Insightful, plentiful, usable.

Sonya Fryer


Enjoyed this program and would recommend it to anyone wanting to grow.

Participant numbers per session are restricted to 20!

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We believe fully in the products we offer and the benefits these deliver to our clients and therefore provide you this guarantee.

If within 30 days after completing this Mastermind you feel that it did not deliver on the promise, then we will refund your money in full and you can retain the workshop material, no questions asked.

Wayne Brown

Performance Consultant - Career Coach for Executive Talent

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