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Executives benefit from group coaching programs by gaining diverse perspectives, fostering collaboration, and honing leadership skills. The shared experiences within a group provide valuable insights, promote accountability, and offer a supportive network. This collaborative learning environment accelerates personal and professional growth, enhancing overall leadership effectiveness and organizational success.

Our Signature Group Coaching Programs

Career Development Group Coaching

A 12-week program, meeting once a week for 90 minutes and including starting assessment, weekly videos, and related materials.

Max. group size 15

Leadership Transformation Group Coaching

A high-value, six-month leadership group coaching program, including bi-weekly meetings, personal assessments, and one-on-one coaching sessions.

Max. group size 12

Business Mastermind Group Coaching

A year-long business mastermind, including weekly meetings, guest speakers, one-on-one sessions, and access to an exclusive online community.

Max. group size 12

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Select your preferred Group Coaching models

Cohort Model

Participants progress together, fostering camaraderie and a supportive network. This builds a community for peer learning, accountability, and diverse perspectives, enhancing personal and professional development.

Membership Model

Operating as an ongoing subscription, our Membership Model provides continuous access to coaching resources, fostering sustained growth. With a flexible, long-term approach, participants benefit from ongoing support, skill refinement, and adaptability to professional evolution.

Combo (Hybrid) Model

The Combo Model combines the strengths of Cohort and Membership Models, offering both camaraderie and subscription flexibility. It caters to diverse learning styles, ensuring a dynamic and adaptable coaching experience that blends the shared journey of a cohort with ongoing continuity.

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7 Benefits of a Group Coaching Program


Group coaching can be more cost-effective than individual coaching. Access the coach’s expertise and a supportive network without the high costs.


Being part of a group creates a sense of accountability. Group members often feel more motivated to take action and achieve their goals.

Shared Wisdom

Group coaching allows participants to learn from the coach and their peers. Everyone brings unique experiences, perspectives, and wisdom.

Diverse Perspectives

Participants can explore challenges and opportunities from different perspectives, leading to improved innovation and decision-making.

Increased Confidence

The supportive environment can boost confidence, as members learn from each other, and grow their abilities.

Peer Support

Group coaching fosters a community of support. Participants motivate and encourage each other during challenging times.

Enhanced Learning

With shared experiences and challenges, learn faster and apply others’ experiences to their situations, leading to faster progress toward their goals.

4 key concepts that make Group Coaching stand out

Collective Learning

The supportive environment can boost confidence, as members learn from each other, and grow their abilities.

Mutual Growth

Participants work on individual goals while supporting peers, enhancing accountability and success rates.

Facilitative Coaching

In a group, the coach acts as a facilitator, guiding discussions to ensure valuable contributions.


Active participation, dialogue, and collaboration make group coaching a powerful tool, fostering relationships and encouraging personal and professional development.

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