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Desperately seeking your next career transition

Are you in the throes of career uncertainty, desperately seeking that next career transition, and beginning to doubt your ability? Perhaps grappling with the unknowns of moving up or even out and left wondering why it has become this difficult.

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can AI-Human Coaching support Your organization?

Explore first-hand and gain insights on the ways that current and future methodologies are reshaping the future of coaching for individuals and industry. We can assist you.

Monitor industry research findings related to the Coaching sector

Stay informed with the most up-to-date data available on coaching developments from research conducted by leading organizations and experts globally.

A glimpse into 18 Trends for Coaching in 2024 and Beyond

Coaching, as a profession, has witnessed remarkable growth and transformation over the years. The evolving needs of individuals and organizations have led to innovations in coaching practices, and this evolution is poised to continue into 2024 and beyond...

Source: Erickson International Coaching

Coaching culture: an evidence review and framework

Given the colossal interest in creating ‘coaching cultures’, we update the 2014 literature review by Gormley and van Nieuwerburgh and extend this work by applying a Systematic Literature Review (SLR) methodology.

Source: Coaching (Journal) Volume 17, 2024

Future Trends in Digital & AI Coaching; Executive Report

This report summarises the results from a Global Coach survey undertaken in Summer 2023 exploring attitudes towards Digital and AI. The Report also includes details of fee rates for individual, executive (organisational), team, group coaching...

Source: Passmore, J., Saraeva, A., Money, K. & Diller, S. J. (2024)

LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report 2024...

L&D powers the AI future The AI era is here, and leaders across learning and talent development have a new mandate: help people and organizations rise to opportunity with speed and impact. As AI reshapes how people learn, work, and chart their careers, L&D sits at the center..

Source: LinkedIn Learning

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