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embracing Systemic Team Coaching

Embrace Systemic Team Coaching and learn to foster collaboration, enhance communication, and optimize team dynamics. This approach addresses complex challenges by considering the interconnectedness of individuals and their collective impact, promoting resilience and adaptability in teams to navigate change effectively and achieve sustainable success.
  • Enhanced Team Collaboration 
  • Adaptability and Resilience 
  • Improved Performance and Results

The 10-year evolution of Team coaching


image reprint mfrom Team of Teams Coaching: Using a Teaming Approach to Increase Business Impact

five disciplines
Hawkins, P. (2019). Leadership Team Coaching in Practice: Developing High Performing Teams.

Systemic Team Coaching with The Five Disciplines methodology

Introducing Professor Peter Hawkins’ “The 5 Disciplines model” enhances Systemic Team Coaching by providing a structured framework. It fosters systemic thinking, enabling teams to establish the stakeholder’s purpose, gain clarity of the task at hand, implement sustainable solutions and enhance communication along the journey. This model cultivates a culture of continuous learning, reinforcing the effectiveness and long-term impact of team coaching interventions.
  • Adopting a systemic perspective, considering the interconnections and dependencies
  • Facilitates strategic alignment between the stakeholders and the team
  • Teams evolve, learning to stay resilient and optimize their performance

‘A mission captures the company’s ambition, a vision shows what it will be like when success is achieved, but purpose defines who the company serves and the value it creates for them.’ (Hawkins, 2018).

The power of TEAM CONNECT 360

The Team Connect 360 diagnostic tool adds value by systematically gathering stakeholder and team feedback on team performance. This comprehensive analysis helps identify strengths and areas for improvement, fostering a deeper understanding of team dynamics. It enables targeted interventions, promoting continuous growth and enhancing overall team effectiveness

The TC360 questionnaire is structured around the ‘Five Disciplines’ needed for high-value creating teams and specifically designed for Systemic Team Coaching programs.

  • By prompting reflective exploration of underlying assumptions and systemic patterns this deeper analysis allows teams to challenge and adjust their fundamental beliefs.
venn diagram

Helping Teams Overcome Polarization

A “both-and” mindset encourages teams to embrace diverse perspectives simultaneously, avoiding polarization. It fosters inclusivity, enabling teams to appreciate the value in opposing viewpoints. This approach promotes collaborative problem-solving, mitigating conflicts, and fostering a holistic understanding that leads to more nuanced and effective decision-making.
  • Encourage open and diverse perspectives
  • Seek common ground through goals and values
  • Demonstrate and cultivate empathy

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