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Wanting a Sustainable Tomorrow

Amidst the quest for a sustainable tomorrow, is your business seeking guidance to navigate the complexities, strategize effectively, and pave the way for enduring success?

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Discover the strategic pathways to leverage today’s dynamic shifts and fortify your business for a resilient future.


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Global Economics Intelligence executive summary, March 2024

Consumption continues to be resilient, except in Europe; central banks hold interest rates steady due to ongoing inflation risk; business survey respondents show increased confidence in economy....

Source: By Jeffrey Condon, Krzysztof Kwiatkowski, and Sven Smit, McKinsey

What Leaders Are Saying About Costs and Growth in 2024

After spending last year on edge over inflation, market conditions, and the possibility of a recession, corporate leaders feel cautiously optimistic about 2024. At the same time, C-suite executives are making cost management...

Source: BCG Cost Management - FEBRUARY 08, 2024

What leaders at winning companies know—and what you need to learn

Successful leaders at top-performing companies are all taking similar steps, even across industries, propelling their enterprises to a 13-fold performance advantage over rivals...

Source: by Lang Davison, Wayne Borchardt, Parul Munshi, and Pete Brown - PwC publication

Leadership Trends for 2024: The Year of Trust

Every year we create a list of leadership trends shaping up to impact the workplace in the year ahead. But this year is a little different. While I’ll share a short list of the key leadership trends for 2024, a human theme ...

Source: Stephanie Neal, December 23, 2023, DDI publication

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