Excel in Essentials

A 10-week coaching program that has helped
hundreds of young executive talent to

Develop their Leadership Game Plan

This coaching program will help you Develop Nine Essential Skills which are a must for any emerging Executive Talent to attain success in their career.

Wayne loves working with young executive talents

Throughout his 45-year career, Wayne’s been blessed with the opportunity to travel the world and work with companies in varying industries. He has met incredible people from many cultures and while working hands-on on projects of varying shapes and sizes, a common theme emerged.

Wayne believes that talented people exist everywhere and yet they do not all have equal opportunity to develop and grow to realize their full potential regardless of whether that is in leadership, or another chosen area.

And that has become Wayne’s and C4C’s mission – to serve and support talented people and to create as much impact as possible.

Discover your Leadership Game Plan with this 3 module program culminating with 3 x live Masterclasses delivered over 10 weeks

1. Establishing a Leadership Mindset

2. Embodying a Leadership Approach

3. Applying a L/ship Winning Strategy

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With almost 20 hours of coaching time alone this program should be valued at least 3 times this asking price.

An intensive, immersive experience with life long benefits!

Life long access to the ET academy period.

20% discount off all future programs and Masterminds we offer.

Access to the Mastermind-4-Executives alumni group and ongoing informal learning and networking opportunities.

What awaits you in the program?

Pre Program:

Exercises to prepare you for the weekly sessions and live coaching calls

1 Virtual check-in call before the beginning of the 10-week program

During the Program:

3 tailored modules with 3 topics per module

1 hour live group coaching at the end of each week / topic

1 weekly topic workbook comprising theory, exercises and needle mover actions

3 live masterclasses - one at the end of each module

After The Program:

3 weekly challenges to launch your plan and a final group coaching call

What will leave with?

After the 3 module, 10-week program concludes, you'll have a series of 10 workbooks, a Leadership Game Plan to serve as your blueprint for launching to that next level.

Plus we continue for a further month with a series of short challenges to keep you focused on building momentum as you launch, before wrapping everything with a final group coaching call one month later.

All this at an incredible value of only USD 7500 2979

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We offer a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee on all our courses.

So, it is really a zero risk venture on your part. We’re providing you the opportunity to develop your very own blueprint for the next steps towards conquering your career and creating unassailable impact as a driven, gifted Leader.

Wayne Brown

Transformational Career Coach for Executive Talent

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