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2 to 5-Day Quarterly Challenges

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2 to 5 day Challenges”

Join in this quarterly event as we challenge executive talent to test yourself against the experts.

Date: October 24-27, 2023 

ETC-004: Wayne Brown – “Learn how to become a Situationally Fluent Sales…”

Date: July 25-26 2023 (coming Qtr 3)

ETC-003: Wayne Brown – “Learn 2 keys to achieving Facilitation Mastery”

Date: April 25-27, 2023

ETC-002: Wayne Brown “Learn 3 secrets for influencing through Story”

Date: January 2023 (Coming again in 2024)

ETC-001: Wayne Brown – Learn new ways to maximize your stakeholder value.

Hot on the heels of the ET project introducing the bi-weekly LIVE broadcast, we now have the ET project CHALLENGE.

Each quarter brave executive talent (maybe that’s you) will go up against their peers and the experts as they take on leadership challenges that not only stretch them beyond their comfort zone but promise to ensure they grow and evolve.

Check out details of our “Current Challenge” by selecting the above blue button. And then once you are ready to engage, register for the coming 2 to 5 day event. Two weeks before the event we will start preparing you for the Challenge and provide access to your workbook just before the event commences.

And for those who are truly serious about learning and growing at pace, then we also have our exclusive “VIP Challenger” package available. Not only do you receive special entitlements and content throughout the event but you gain personalized access to join the Challenge host and learn firsthand about the journey, experiences, and lessons that have helped them transform.


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