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Become the Master of your Domain through highly effective Facilitation

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If you have ever dreamt of professionally hosting your meetings, workshops, and large events as the Master Facilitator then THIS IS FOR YOU.

Hi, I’m Wayne!

I’m an Executive Career Coach with over 45 years of experience in all levels of corporate and entrepreneurial organizations. During my career, I’ve trained under and worked alongside some of the world’s leading authorities in Business. One of the learnings they shared with me, is the need for leaders to master the ability to facilitate. While leading teams around the world, I’ve had the opportunity to watch other facilitators demonstrate their expertise and through plenty of practice, have refined and developed my personal style.

Now in this short FREE mini-series, I have pulled together those core nuggets of wisdom shared by the Masters, and from what I’ve practiced myself, to get you started on a similar path to FACILITATION MASTERY.

What you’ll learn in this video-eBook mini-series

Video 1: Why is Facilitation Mastery important for all Leaders?

Uncover the reasons why facilitation is a skill that all leaders must leverage. In this video, we offer you the science-based answer to why it is so.

Video 2: What are some criteria for achieving Facilitation Mastery?

Learn what is required for you to become the Master Facilitator. From this video, you’ll receive the shortlist of must-knows.

ideo 3: How do Leaders become Masters of Facilitation?

In this video, we answer that HOW question, and from there, with practice, will be no stopping you.

eBook: Learn The Five Core Phases That All Facilitators Must Master - and reap the benefits available to Leaders

"Facilitation" is generally defined as the act of making something easier or helping a process run more smoothly and this eBook will show you how.

Download this FREE video-eBook combo package now & master your ability to engage the audience and deliver the desired outcomes.

Incredible insights

The video-eBook mini-series contains insights that I have practiced and mentored many executives on around the world during my 45-year career!

preparation icon

Preparation means thoroughly understanding the session's objectives, participants' needs, and the workshop or event agenda

opening iconpng

The opening involves setting a positive tone, establishing rapport with participants, and clearly outlining the session's purpose and objectives

body icon

Body means skillfully guiding discussions, fostering active participation, and adapting facilitation techniques to engage all participants


Close involves summarizing key outcomes, reflecting on achievements, and expressing gratitude to participants for their contributions

follow up

Follow-up involves expressing gratitude through thank-you messages, providing an event summary, and sharing resources or action items

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Want to dive deeper?

We are running a FREE 2-day Challenge (only one time this year) that commences on 22 August – it’s called “Learn 2 key stages in achieving Facilitation Mastery.”

In these two, live 90-minute daily sessions, you will follow Tom Murphy, Functional Head of a global manufacturing company, as he discovers how to harness the power of facilitation to steer a large senior executive gathering and help his senior Board achieve their desired outcomes. You can work directly with Wayne, as he guides Tom through the 2 facilitation stages and complete your own workbook exercises along the way.

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