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Learn two key phases in achieving Facilitation Mastery.

Tom needs help and leans on long-time Coach Wayne for support during a pivotal moment in his career.

Follow Tom’s journey, as he learns to unlock two secrets of facilitation and inspires his audience to ultimately help the company to deliver the outcomes it needs.

Meet Tom

Tom Murphy, Functional head of a large global manufacturing company and nominated senior executive talent.

The Board of Nelson Machinery Ltd are preparing for their annual senior executive conference and have selected Tom to be the host and event facilitator as part of his development program.

It is an incredible opportunity for Tom to showcase his talent as a company Leader of the future, but there’s a problem – Tom has little knowledge of how to facilitate such a group.

Despite this, Tom needs to perform if he wants to advance his career and has little time to prepare. His concern is whether he will be able to influence these senior executives and get their engagement.

Will Tom Successfully Complete This Challenge?


Want to get up close and watch the action as it unfolds for Tom and Coach Wayne?

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The Challenge

Tom faces the difficult task of successfully facilitating a 200-participant conference for his company. It’s an opportunity for him to become more visible in front of the top 1% of global senior executives and advance his career.

Many obstacles lay in the path of achieving this outcome:

Coach Wayne introduces 2 key stages.

As a senior executive talent Tom Murphy was longing for the opportunity to be recognized and advance his career.

The shock announcement that Tom would be the host of this year’s annual senior executive conference, left him feeling excited but anxious and very self-aware of his facilitation shortcomings.

This leads Tom to reach out to Coach Wayne for support and guidance and during their discussion they outline their strategy.

They agree to address the 5 stages of Facilitation Mastery with a heavy emphasis on Phases 1 and 2.

Follow Coach Wayne as he guides Tom through each facilitation phase.

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“Learn 2 key stages in achieving Facilitation Mastery” Challenge runs across 2-days, 30-31 July, 2024 (3 pm to 4:30 pm HK/SG Time).

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