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Hi, I'm Wayne!

I’m a performance consultant and executive career coach with over 45 years of experience in all levels of Corporate organizations and entrepreneurial start-ups. In the last two decades, I’ve studied under some of the world’s leading business and leadership authorities.

After working beside many passionate and intellectually gifted sales professionals and watching some achieve incredible success while others perform below their ability, I started to question and study why this was to gain a deeper understanding.

Aside from my own success as a Sales professional, I have also had the opportunity to facilitate programs for global groups as a certified Sales trainer. The experience and learning from this extended exposure in multiple industries is what led me to realize the power of Situational Fluency and is why we want to help you with the release of this 3 video-eBook mini-series.

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What you'll learn in this video-ebook mini-series

Video 1: 5 Strategies using social media, that aid sales professionals to become more situationally flute about the client’s business

Learn how to boost your situational fluency in sales by mastering social media strategies tailored to understand clients’ businesses.

Video 2: How I can formulate my client’s organizational pain chain and become more situationally fluent about the challenges they are facing?

Learn how to formulate your client’s organizational pain chain to enhance your situational fluency and gain insights into the challenges they’re facing.

Video 3: Exploring ways that sales professionals can develop client and company personas to create even greater levels of situational fluency.

Unlocking the power of situational fluency by creating client and company personas for enhanced sales effectiveness.

eBook: Learn the Sales Professional’s Why, What and How of Becoming Situationally Fluent

Reach a deeper level by looking especially at three essential components that all facilitators must practice and polish as they grow in their field.

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Incredible insights

The Video-eBook mini-series contains insights that i have practiced and mentored many executives around the world duing my 45-year career!

Mastering Social Media for Sales Situational Fluency

In this video, you’ll learn how to leverage social media to boost your situational fluency in sales. Discover strategies tailored to understand your clients’ businesses better, helping you build stronger relationships and make more informed sales decisions.

Identifying Organizational Pain Points in Sales

Dive into the art of formulating your client’s organizational pain chain. This video will enhance your situational fluency by providing insights into the specific challenges your clients are facing, enabling you to tailor your sales approach effectively.

Enhancing Sales with Client and Company Personas

Creating client and company personas can take your situational fluency to the next level. Learn to unlock the power of understanding your clients and their businesses on a deeper level, ultimately driving greater sales effectiveness.

Unlocking Invaluable Insights for Sales Succes

Explores the critical questions of WHY, WHAT, and HOW behind becoming Situationally Fluent. These insights are designed to empower your sales journey and propel you toward greater success as you develop those differentiating secrets.

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Want to dive deeper

We run an intensive four-session Quarterly Challenge based on a real business case study, related to the sales topic of Situational Fluency.

In these 4 x 90-minute sessions, you’ll explore the crucial elements for sales professionals to excel: moving beyond what we cover in this mini-series and delving deeper for real mastery over situational fluency, identifying the reasons behind a buyer’s emotional connection and factors that generate your seller’s edge.

This comprehensive journey includes pre and post-learning materials, along with live webinars across 4-days. You’ll also have access to the Case Study, many articles, workbooks, and a collaborative group of like-minded individuals.

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