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Learn 3 Secrets For Influencing Change Outcomes Through Story

Maria needs help and leans on long-time Coach Wayne for support during a pivotal moment for her company.

Follow Maria’s journey, as she learns to unlock the communication secrets of storytelling and inspire her team and ultimately help the company to thrive.

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Meet Maria

Maria Rhodes, CEO of a unicorn start-up firm, Levelling-up.

Levelling-up is a market leader and now facing a major competitor challenge after a new product launch threatens to disrupt the entire industry.

Her company needs to respond quickly, but her team is already fatigued from working on multiple new initiatives over the past 6 months.

Despite her concerns, Maria needs to summon the department heads and get everyone on the same page about working to release their counter initiative. AND FAST! Her concern is whether she will be able to influence and get their buy-in.

Will Maria Successfully Complete This Challenge?

Want to get up close and watch the action as it unfolds for Maria and Coach Wayne?

The Challenge

Maria faces the difficult task of maintaining her authority and influence without destroying the relationships she has worked hard to establish.

Many obstacles lay in the path of countering the competitor’s unexpected product launches:

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Coach Wayne introduces 3 secrets!

An emergency call followed by a face-2-face meeting between Maria and her coach Wayne has led to the mapping out of a rough strategy that Maria sets to work on immediately. 

In the meantime, Coach Wayne connects with an old friend, a communications expert who specializes in the art of storytelling.

After several ideation rounds, the two veterans agree on what they call “3 Secrets For Influencing Change Outcomes Through Story.”

Follow Coach Wayne as he guides Maria through each storytelling secret.

Get VIP Access

By signing on as a VIP, you will be able to interact with Coach Wayne directly as he helps Maria dissect the situation and formulate her strategy.

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“Learn 3 Secrets For Influencing Change Outcomes Through Story” The 3-day Ultimate Challenge coming in April 2025.

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