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The Ultimate 5-day Challenge

Learn New Ways for Maximizing Your Stakeholder Value

Get incredible insights and immediate takeaways as Wayne helps executives overcome this real-life business challenge, and detail critical actions for maximizing value add and strengthening stakeholder relationships.

Meet Yohan

Yohan, the mid-level executive has been instrumental in helping his company “FireSalesRUs” achieve revenue growth of 30% CAGR (Cumulative Aggregate Growth Rate) for the last 3 years.

Lately, because of inflationary pressures and a shrinking market share due to a strong competition from an online competitor, maintaining this growth rate is perceived as an uphill task.

However, the management has the belief that the person for what looks to be mission impossible is Yohan and have given him an increased target for the coming fiscal year.

Will Yohan successfully complete the challenge?
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Want to get inside access to Wayne’s approach to helping Yohan?

The Challenge

Yohan faces a difficult task of maintaining his impressive track record by increasing Sales revenue further and generating Stakeholder value with some testing challenges, which includes

Challenging commercial conditions

Shrinking market-share due to competition

Higher costs of planned activities

Post-Covid Supply chain bottlenecks

Reduction of existing customer spending

the challenge

Wayne’s Approach

With the use of theoretical constructs, systems and tools, Wayne helps Yohan establish a strategy that he can begin to implement immediately.

Here’s a sampling of the constructs and tools attendees will leave with:

  • What got you here, may not get you there.
  • Theoretical constructs including:
    • Stakeholder Value Model
    • PESTLE Model
    • Complex Adaptive Ecosystems
    • Systemic Thinking
    • Outside-In approach
    • Future-back and 3 Horizons
    • Value creation in transactional relational business
  • Systems and Tools including:
    • Circle of Influence
    • Q-storming and research
    • Unique Value Proposition statements
    • Stakeholder experience and touchpoints
    • Collaboration & scalability with Cynefin
    • Delphi technique for partnering
    • Value creation – Momentum Action Plan
    • Communications strategy framework

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Get VIP Access

Apart from getting everything other registered attendees receive, by signing on as a VIP, you will be able to interact with Wayne directly as he helps Yohan dissect the situation and formulate his strategy.

Here are five additional goodies, available to our “Challenger VIPs” as you engage before, during and after the 5-day (90 minutes per day) online event:

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Hi, Registration for this program is now closed. please leave your details below and we will contact you when we offer similar program in the future.

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