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Let's Talk About Communication for Executive Leadership Success

Join the June ET Project Quarterly Masterclass

Effective communication is the cornerstone of successful leadership. Join us for our C4C Quarterly Masterclass where we delve into ‘Communication skills for Executive Leadership Career Success’.


Hi, I’m Wayne.

Hi, I am Wayne, the Founder and CEO of Skills 4 Executives Limited. With 45 years of experience in the corporate and entrepreneurial world, I have successfully established nine businesses, founded two companies, and lived and worked on four continents, collaborating with individuals from over 100 countries.

As an internationally acclaimed author and the recipient of the prestigious Executive Coach of the Year 2022 award from CEO Today magazine, I specialize in assisting businesses to improve their performance and partner with executives eager to transition to the next level.

This Masterclass forms the third leg of the Communications triangle following hot on the heels of our April 3-day Challenge and May Virtual Mastermind. In this coming session, we will consolidate those events and add two very important topics AI and your Signature Presence.

Why do you need this Mastermind?

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Expert Insights

Learn from industry leaders and communication experts.


Practical Strategies

Gain actionable strategies to enhance your executive communication skills.

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Networking Opportunities

Connect with other executives and leaders.

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Follow-Up Resources

Access exclusive resources and materials pre and post-event.

This Masterclass is LIVE and commences in exactly


Friday 28 June 2024 (3pm HK/SG)

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During the Masterclass we’ll also introduce different features available via our website that enable you to test your readiness to conquer future challenges and embrace change with confidence.

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Join us for an event packed with insights from industry leaders and communication experts. Enhance your executive communication skills with practical strategies and connect with other executives. Register now to receive a complimentary eBook. Previous events like our Storytelling Challenge and Virtual Mastermind have empowered leaders to excel in communication.

This quarter, focus on “Communication for Executive Leadership Success.” Topics include executive storytelling, AI essentials for clarity, and building trust with your Signature Presence. Gain resilience for difficult conversations and access exclusive post-event resources to continue your development.


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