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Learn how to lead through your next Change initiative and master strategies that will ensure others follow.

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Hi, I'm Wayne!

I’m a performance consultant and executive career coach with over 45 years of experience in all levels of corporate organizations and entrepreneurial start-ups. During my career I have gained a broad range of knowledge and skills, both theoretical and experience based, studying through leading universities and working with executives and cultures from across the globe.

This has led me to follow only evidence-based practices and on the topic of Change that means looking to neuroscience, psychology and real-life case studies to understand why people behave the way they do in different situations.

I find it a fascinating field and we have compiled this short mini-series as an introduction to Leading through Change and as a primer for delving deeper in other studies. If you are a Leader anywhere in the world today managing Change Initiatives is a given, and this package will give you some basic insights to make the journey more effective and enjoyable.

What you'll learn in this video-ebook mini-series

Video 1: The 7 most common causes for Change Initiatives Failing.

Understanding the common causes of these failures can help organizations navigate the path to successful change so here are the seven most common reasons why change initiatives often fall short 

Video 2: What exactly is Change and Why is it so difficult for some to accept?

Change can manifest as small, incremental shifts or profound, transformative events, and it is an ever-present force in the human experience. In this video we explore why we struggle with it.

Video 3: Our 7 best suggestions for Leaders to successfully implement Change.

We all know that implementing change within an organization is a critical leadership skill in today’s dynamic business landscape. It can be challenging, but effective leaders guide their teams through transitions smoothly

eBook: What do these 9 popular Change methodologies have in common; and why is it essential that Leaders incorporate them.

A glimpse into the design structure of well-known Change methodologies, before extracting the agreed common elements that reside in all of them.

Get this video-eBook mini-series now & unloack the Why, What and How behind sucessful change Implementation

Incredible insights

The Video-eBook mini-series contains insights that i have practiced and mentored many executives around the world duing my 45-year career!

Neuroscience behind the Fear of Change

The Fear Response, Habit Formation and Cognitive Biases are just 3 of the ten factors we highlight from neuroscience research that contributes to Change resistance (negatively and positively). Check out the eBook to learn about this and much more.

Commonalities between 9 popular Change methods

From the Kübler-Ross Change Curve, Lewin’s Change model, to Kotter’s 8 Steps, and Keegan’s Immunity to Change. You will find the full breakdown of all nine methods in the eBook as well we extract the common elements across these that Leaders can leverage themselves.

Strategies that Leaders can apply immediately

Something like 70% of all Change initiatives fail and therefore we offer you seven strategies that you can apply to reduce the risks and increase the likelihood of success. Our video series helps you build to this point where you feel the confidence that others will notice.

Become fully prepared and ready to delve deeper

As leaders we often fear that which we believe we can not control and for many the mere mention of another Change Initiative congers up mental images of pain. Others charge blindly ahead with out full awareness of the potential perils ahead. In both cases this is the series for you.

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Want to dive deeper

We run a Virtual Mastermind every year called “The Change Lab.”

In these 4 x 2-hour sessions, you’ll discover much more than the insights mentioned above. You’ll focus closely on the HOW aspect looking at the Change techniques and supporting tools that can take your Change initiatives to that next level and have people wanting to be on your team during the next program.

The entire Mastermind journey includes pre and post-learning, in addition to the 8 hours of the workshop. This world-class program is hosted via the Mastermind.com platform and supported with videos, articles, a 105-page workshop workbook along with other educational documents, breakout sessions, exercises, quizzes, and hot seat coaching, and concludes with a group coaching call.


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