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Executive Coaching Dubai

Leadership in the 21st century comes with enormous responsibilities. The pressure, expectations, and quick demand for positive results make this challenging. Similarly, success in today’s corporate world goes beyond having ideas, visions, dreams, and finances. The business place is filled with many organizations with promising ideas, visions, and dreams needing more leadership coaching essential for continuous growth. Most of these organizations today are either struggling or on the verge of bankruptcy.

Does this describe the present state of your organization? Not to worry! We’ve got you covered. Our executive coaching service at Coaching 4 Companies can help bring out the potential and intrinsic qualities vital for your organization’s growth in every leadership team member.

Executive Coaching helps with growth

Executive coaching service in Dubai helps your organizational growth. Every organization, regardless of its size, strives for growth. Development is essential for expansion and to attract the best talents for long-term survival. As a CEO, is your organization stagnant and lacking growth? You need an executive coaching service that can help bring out the best in every leader and make them top performers. It would help if you had a partner like Coaching 4 companies that can offer your team practical advice to aid their development as leaders.

Why Executive Coaching in Dubai?

Executive coaching services in Dubai can make your transition from a middle to a senior manager role in your organization a fulfilling and worthwhile experience. Transiting to a higher position comes with enormous responsibilities with little margin for error. Are you already feeling overwhelmed in your new role? We can help!! Partnering with us at Coaching 4 Companies can help develop your skills further, improve your performance, and help you find solutions to everyday challenges in your new role.

What is Executive Coaching in Dubai?

Executive Coaching is a learning process that involves one-on-one interaction between a leader or an executive in an organization and an external coach. The focus of most executive Coaching is on behavioral change. Executive Coaching equips the trainee (leader) with the knowledge and support needed to develop and become more effective and productive. Executive coaching services at Coaching 4 Companies in Dubai improve your leadership skills. You become better at setting and achieving your goalsExecutive Coaching helps your confidence and makes you a leader everyone wants to listen to.

Why Choose Our Executive Coach Training in Dubai?

Learning under the right coach can hasten the realization of your organization’s dreams, visions, and goals. Our 45 years+ of experience, expertise, and skills in providing world-class executive coaching services to individuals and both small and big firms can give you the edge over your competitors. As a leader in a new role, our executive coaching service can help:

  • Boost your job performance by hastening your learning curve.
  • Identify your strength and weaknesses.
  • Overcome one-size fit leadership style.
  • Become the type of leader everyone admires.

As a corporate organization, our executive coaching service can help:

  • Increase work organization and employee satisfaction
  • Improve overall staff engagement and productivity
  • Reduce staff turnover

Still in doubt of our uniqueness? Here are more reasons your organization should partner with Coaching 4 Companies for your executive coaching services in Dubai.

  • More than 1,000 executives in small and big organizations have benefited from our Coaching.
  • More than 5,000 hours spent on mentoring and coaching
  • Training provided in over 85 cities worldwide
  • We have worked with more than 50 gurus.

Executive Coaching Process in Dubai

Encouraging self-discovery through active participation is the root of our executive coaching processes. Asking the right open-ended questions that encourage conversation rather than telling helps leaders become more self-aware of solutions to everyday challenges. This approach also motivates leaders to learn and achieve more. Our executive coaching services follow a five-step coaching process.

  1. Establish The Goal(objective)
  2. Learning Through Assessment
  3. Providing feedback
  4. Identifying objectives
  5. Following the leaders up with support

Executive Coaching Rates in Dubai

Executive coaching services in Dubai rates start from $500.00 per session/hour on average. However, this can vary based on factors such as frequency, location (online/offline), the coach’s experience, the knowledge base of the leader, and the duration of the engagements. The coaching medium includes telephone, video, and in-person one-on-one at our facility or clients’ premises.

We have some coaches on our team with more than 30 years of experience in executive coaching. The higher a leader/trainee is, the higher the price per hour of Coaching. Similarly, coaches with expertise in the leader’s’ field and high number in years of executive coaching experience command more than $500 per session.

We have a 15 minutes package, referred to as ‘listen to me coach’ for very busy executives who want to ask our coach with more than 20 years+ of executive coaching experience one or two questions. This is a telephone service, and it costs $150.

Executive Coaching at Coaching 4 Companies

Who is your coach? Every individual and organization needs a coach to become better, fulfill their ultimate potential, and realize their goals in a shorter time frame. Leadership positions come with expectations for quick and positive results. Attaining a leadership position requires getting equipped with exemplary executive coaching service to make the role enjoyable.

Our executive coaching training is individualized and custom-made. The focus is on helping you to maximize your full potential.

Do you want to know more about our executive coaching service in Dubai can benefit your career or organization? We are available to help.

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