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Hi, I’m Wayne!

I’m an executive career coach with over 45 years of experience in all levels of corporate organizations and entrepreneurial start-ups. In the last two decades, I’ve trained with and worked beside some of the world’s leading authorities in facilitation. During this period, I have practiced and refined my technique with audiences worldwide.

At the same time, I’ve witnessed firsthand many gifted business leaders achieving less-than-average results because of their inability to facilitate and engage effectively. I’ve sat in the audience of my clients and felt their pain as they struggled to perform and energize others as they wanted.

I’ve also been fortunate and in a position where I’m able to assist through the development and delivery of targeted leadership programs.  And this 3 video eBook mini-series, is a small step toward helping you get started for greater impact and influence.

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What you’ll learn in this video-eBook mini-series

Video 1: Why is it essential to practice effective active listening as a facilitator?

Learn how active listening cultivates a positive atmosphere promoting open communication and trust among participants through different ways and techniques.

Video 2: Why is it essential to practice effective time management when facilitating?

Unfold the importance of effective time management and its secret pathway to productive engagement and achievement of intended goal.

Video 3: Why is it essential to practice effective diversity and inclusion as a facilitator?

Know how diversity and inclusion are crucial for creating a positive and inclusive environment where all participants feel valued, respected and empowered to contribute.

eBook: Facilitation Fundamentals: Mastering Time Management, Embracing Diversity and Inclusion, and Honing Active Listening Skills.

Reach a deeper level by looking especially at three essential components that all facilitators must practice and polish as they grow in their field.

Get this video-eBook mini-series now & unlock the 3 special keys to mastering facilitation.

Incredible insights

The video-eBook mini-series contains insights that I have practiced and mentored many executives around the world during my 45-year career!

Time Management Strategies

Techniques such as time boxing, delegate-assisted time monitoring, strategic break management, and utilizing a parking lot technique help maintain a balanced pace, ensure activities stay on schedule, and allow for seamless adjustments when unexpected situations arise.

Inclusion and Diversity Integration

Facilitators are advised to curate a diverse speaker lineup, use pre-event surveys to understand participants’ needs, establish an inclusive and respectful atmosphere, design networking activities that encourage cross-cultural interaction, and celebrate cultural diversity.

Active Listening

4-levels deep using techniques such as maintaining eye contact, the use of nodding and mirroring, acknowledging verbal cues, paraphrasing and summarizing, asking clarifying questions, and maintaining non-judgmental body language are just some of the recommended practices.

Mastering the Facilitation Craft

Adaptability, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution abilities, effective communication, empowerment of participants, proficiency in various facilitation techniques, problem-solving skills, feedback-seeking behavior, and resilience in the face of unexpected challenges.

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Want to dive deeper?

We run a Virtual Mastermind every year on the topic of Facilitation Mastery. 

In these 4 x 2-hour sessions, you’ll discover much more than these three essential components for facilitators to excel: You’ll explore the five core phases that generate this level of Mastery and command the influence and impact you seek as a Leader. These five phases provide you with a proven structure that empowers your facilitation process and leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

The entire Mastermind journey includes pre and post-learning, in addition to the 8 hours of the workshop. This world-class program is hosted via the Mastermind.com platform and supported with videos, articles, a 100-page workshop workbook along with other educational documents, breakout sessions, exercises, quizzes, and hot seat coaching, and concludes with a group coaching call.

Wayne Brown

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