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Hi, I’m Wayne!

I’m an Executive Career Coach with over 45 years of experience in all levels of Corporate and Entrepreneurial organizations.

Having established 9 businesses and founded 2 companies myself, I have realized that what really holds us back is often not our ability or skills, but our inability to Master our Success Behaviors, and that is what I want to help you with, in this 3 video-workbook miniseries.

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What you’ll learn in this video-workbook miniseries

Video #1: Understand how the Dream has Materialized

  • Was your career or business intentional, ie. did you have self-awareness about your career / strategic choices?
  • The video is supported by workbook exercises to use so that you can identify if you were as well prepared as you could have been.

Workbook exercises included in this package:

4 highly effective exercises to help you understand what it takes to succeed

Video #2: Change the Routine, Change the Habit

  • What are the behaviors / habits that may be acting as a barrier to your success?
  • If they are, how can you overcome these barriers so that your behaviors can set you up for the success you always crave for.

Workbook exercises included in this package:

3 highly effective exercises to help you “Stay Present” & build habits that will influence your success

Video #3: Unleashing the salesperson residing within

  • Do you have a phobia about sales? Understand that being successful means doing sales at one level or another.
  • What are the characteristics of "Successful" sales people?

Workbook exercises included in this package:

3 highly engaging & easy to apply exercises to help you change your belief about selling and understand the behaviors of a successful sales person

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Incredible insights

The video-workbook miniseries contains insights that I have practiced and mentored many executives on around the world during my 45-year career!

Rekindle the dream and become intentional about achieving it

Discover how to break bad habits and build empowering routines

Optimize your daily schedule and achieve those critical objectives

Unpack secrets for releasing the hidden, natural salesperson within

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Want to dive deeper?

I run a Virtual Mastermind every year on the topic of Mastering Success Behaviors.

In these sessions, you will discover how to use a wealth of practical behavior-based tools, develop greater emotional intelligence, break apart your existing bad habits, optimize daily routines, and understand the means for harnessing exponential sales growth.

During more than 8-hours of live virtual mastermind sessions, you will work your way through a detailed 100-page workshop handbook, hot seat coaching, breakout sessions, group coaching, and a series of 4 refresher videos.

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Wayne Brown

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