Mastering Success Behaviours

Exclusive Live Online Mastermind with Wayne Brown, Coach, Speaker, Author

MSB Mastermind 2024 – Elevate Decision-Making, Purpose, Habits, and Selling Skills in Just Four Sessions!

Why do you need this 2024 Mastermind?

And why is now a crucial moment to join?

The Future Outlook is for Exponential Business Change

We are living through a historic moment where converging technologies are fueling change to our business environment like never before in our lifetime.

Extreme Times Require You To Rethink

The world continues to be plagued by turbulent economic times, be it global inflationary pressure or recession. While the rate of bankruptcy cases is increasing across industries.

A multi-generational workforce with new demands

In this evolving workplace landscape it is now more essential than ever that you truly understand yourself – inwardly and outwardly. How you “Think, Feel, Do. Behaviours are key!

Lead Through Uncertainty in this Complex Environment

This complex environment requires a special type of Leader. A catalyst of change, agile, adaptable, vulnerable, and yet dynamic. A future-forward-back visionary.

Join the MSB Mastermind 2024

Mastering Success Behaviours: Elevate Your Leadership with increased Self-Awareness in 2024!

What will you learn?
  • Discover how to use a wealth of practical behaviour-based tools
  • Discover how to use a wealth of practical behaviour-based tools
  • Understand the means for harnessing exponential growth
  • Simple steps to become the master of your own destiny
  • Identify and leverage the authentic self that lies within
  • Establish your game plan with intentionality and purpose
  • Break apart your existing bad habit loops and daily routines
  • Sell professionally for business and career growth
What will you receive?
  • Pre-session eLearning and virtual check-in
  • 8-hour Mastermind w/shop (4 x 2hr sessions)
  • A detailed 100-page workshop participant handbook
  • Hot seat coaching, quiz, and break-out sessions
  • Prioritized take-away ideas and follow-up actions
  • 4 x refresher video series for post-session learning
  • Post-session 60-minute group coaching call
  • Exclusive FB network alumni with like minded peers

What you’ll learn in this video-workbook mini-series

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Make this one of the greatest Masterminds you attend this year!

Here is what several past participants had to say.

Yanni Chen


Brilliant and engaging. I learnt so much and left with a bag full of useful material.

Nazeer Ahmed


Masterful Mastermind. One not to be missed. I never realized there was so much I could do.

Juan Miguel Lahoz


The coach is the world Master of Facilitation. Insightful, plentiful, usable.

Sonya Fryer


Enjoyed this program and would recommend it to anyone wanting to grow.

Participant numbers per session are restricted to 20!

Is this for you?

This Mastermind is for you if

  • You are serious about accelerating to that next level.
  • You are prepared to commit to making change possible.
  • You want to experience the joy of being successful.
  • You are ready to establish a growth mindset.
This Mastermind is NOT for you if you do not like to have some fun at the same time.

Wayne Brown

Performance Consultant, Executive Development and Coaching

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