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ET-001: Show Trailer Episode

With Wayne Brown

ET-001: Show Trailer Episode

and your host Wayne Brown on June 15, 2022

Episode Notes:   Guests for the launch of the ET project are confirmed!

3 episodes with three incredible guests from three different fields of Leadership will help us launch this exciting new show for all executive talent around the world.

The guest lineup for the first launch:

Dr. Merrylue Martin – author of “The Big Quit Survival Guide”

Kevin Eikenberry – author of “The Long-distance Leader”

Dr. Audrey Tang – author of “The Leader’s Guide to Resilience”

What is The ET project? It is a podcast show dedicated to the development and growth of EXECUTIVE TALENT regardless of the level you are at on your career journey.

Over the past several decades, Wayne has worked with high achievers, leaders, and doers from different corners of the world. As their industry differed so did their challenges, and the solutions required were always unique.

The missing ingredient most often was that these executive talents did not know where to turn for support with these challenges. Therefore, in this podcast, Wayne will collaborate with influencers, achievers, leaders, and talent from different industry sectors, extracting and listening to career stories and advice for the benefit of our executive talent community.

Additionally, we give our community a voice, sharing their questions, acknowledging and bringing forward their challenges, while airing those unique situations that need to be resolved.

You’ll find our weekly show released on your preferred podcast app or via this website.


Hello, my name is Wayne Brown and I want to extend a very warm welcome to everyone listening to our first episode, of the ET project. The podcast show for every executive talent regardless of where you’re located in this great world of ours.


I was inspired to start this podcast around 5 years back after completing an assignment as global head for learning and transformation with a large multi-national.

One of my learnings after visiting more than 60 countries and meeting so many incredible individuals, coming from diverse cultures and backgrounds, was that there is no shortage of executive talent available.
Having said that however, what I discovered, is a genuine shortage of senior leadership who are willing to invest their time and engage with these talents to help them flourish and grow as capable and qualified future leaders.

And I find that quite sad, given the number of experts that are currently crying from the same hymn sheet, about the need to grow and strengthen corporate talent pools.

Perhaps what’s really needed is a little inner reflection from C-Suite executives about their own journey, and hopefully this might trigger a closer exploration of why the existing talent isn’t being placed into leadership roles at the rate needed.

It also became obvious that there is a major flaw in many of the talent programs. Whereby they build up the hopes and dreams of executives by placing them into these talent pools and then fail to deliver. Often leaving the talent to languish with that dream for up to three years, before being told that they now need to step out of the pool as their time has expired.

It’s a devasting blow and frequently results in a severe decline of the employee’s engagement, an increase in their anxiety, and perhaps ends with them leaving the company disenchanted and bitter.

So, this podcast is my attempt to connect with and support as many talents out there as possible, who are desperately seeking an ally, someone that knows and understands what they are feeling and has firsthand experience. In my case that’s around 45 years’ worth of experience.

Through this show I’m hoping to become a conduit for bringing leadership and career insights to the table for your development, along with plenty of tips and suggestions on my part. And even more so, I want to give you a voice. A chance to express your concerns, frustrations, and hopefully just as many victories, as we journey along the path together.

Therefore, I’ll be looking for opportunities to bring executive talents just like you onto this program, to share your story, and perhaps receive some unscripted coaching and mentoring in return.

We’re planning to launch the first of our weekly episodes on August 2, 2022, and consistently week on week, host leaders and experts in their field, be that Board executives, HR professionals, futurists from IT, R&D, Manufacturing, Sales or any of the myriad of operational sectors from varying industries. If there’s a story out there that brings value for you, then we want to hear it.

As a bonus, from time to time I’ll invite some of my own mentors, coaches and close associates that have been invaluable and instrumental for guiding my career and we may even discuss some cases where they’ve needed to pick up the broken pieces and put me back together. I’m not here to sugar coat it, and what I plan to bring is the authentic me, warts and all. Direct, honest and curious to explore what makes each of us unique.

So, if you’re game, then I believe together we can co-create transformative moments of Inner Magic – in a space where executive talent rules – with a voice that’s ready and able to assume our rightful place in helping organizations reshape their future.

As this show is new, any and all support from you the listener is and will continue to be, greatly appreciated. And if you find yourself just a little excited about what’s to come, then I’d ask you to please do three things.
#1 hit the subscribe button on your Apple, Stitcher, Spotify app or from wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

#2 leave a rating and review as we can only improve through your honest feedback. Be it good or bad.

And #3, please share the podcast with other executive talent. Let’s build a strong community that cares and looks out for each other.
Alright thank you, this is truly awesome and I’m super pumped to get underway with some great conversations.

Looking forward to connecting with you again on August 2, so until then;

Here’s to TEAM ET – Executive Talent – stay safe, stay passionate and keep thriving!

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