Amplify your Influence and Impact through the gift of Storytelling

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If you have ever dreamt of captivating your audience with your ability to tell powerful and engaging stories, then THIS IS FOR YOU!

Hi, I’m Wayne!

I’m an Executive Career Coach with over 45 years of experience in all levels of Corporate and Entrepreneurial organizations. In the last two decades, I’ve trained under some of the worlds leading authorities in communication. After working beside many brilliant-minded business leaders and watching them realize only average results because of their inability to communicate effectively, I’ve been on a quest to understand how this career inhibitor can be overcome and reversed.

As a result, I’ve identified one of the core secrets to addressing this weakness lies in our ability to visualize, embody and deliver through the power of storytelling and that is what I want to help you with, through a short video-eBook mini-series.

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What you’ll learn in this video-eBook mini-series

Video 1: Why does Storytelling work?

Uncover the reasons why storytelling is so impactful and readily understood by all that it touches. In this video we offer you the science-based answer to why it is so.

Video 2: What are the criteria for successful Storytelling?

Learn what is required for you to create your own stories and begin practicing and developing immediately. From this video you’ll receive the shortlist of must knows

Video 3: How can you deliver a powerful Story?

We’re sure you have heard the joke, “How do I get to Carnegie Hall” and the response – “practice, practice, practice.” Well, until now the question has been “practice what?”

In this video we answer that question and there will be no stopping you.

eBook: The Science-Based Evidence Behind Why Storytelling Works

This eBook explores some of the myths that have evolved over time about the intrinsic power of storytelling and unpacks the real reasons why it is an absolute essential for all leaders.

Download this FREE video-eBook combo package now & master your ability to captivate and impact and influence!

Incredible insights

The video-eBook mini-series contains insights that I have mentored and coached many executives on around the world during in the past 10 years!

Visualize the story and become passionate about sharing it

Discover how to embody the emotional connections

Optimize your delivery by nailing the highlights

Unpack your leadership potential through the gift of story

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Want to dive deeper?

We are running a FREE live 3-day Challenge (only one time this year) that commences 25 April – it’s called “Learn 3 Secrets To Influencing Change Outcomes Through Story”.

In these three, live 90-minute daily sessions, you will follow Maria, CEO of a unicorn start-up, as she discovers how to harness the power of story to drive change with her team and help her organization to thrive amidst considerable opposition. You can work directly with Wayne, as he guides Maria through the 3 Storytelling secrets and complete your own workbook exercises along the way.

Wayne Brown

Transformational Career Coach for Executive Talent

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