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ET-080: Quarter 4 in Review: Wayne Brown’s exclusive conversations with 12 trailblazing minds

With Wayne Brown

ET-080: A conversation with your host Wayne Brown

and your host Wayne Brown on December 26, 2023

Episode notes: A conversation with your host Wayne Brown

Hello and welcome to the ET Project. I’m your host, Wayne Brown, and as usual, we’re delighted to be delivering this podcast for executive talent all over the world whom we’re affectionately referring to as Team ET.

Today I’m again flying solo which normally means just one thing – yes you are correct. It is the end of another quarter – in fact it is the end of Qtr. 4, 2023. This is our 6th quarter together – or the end of 18 months. This means in total we have spoken with 72 incredible people during that period and of those 12 guests in this most recent quarter.

Here is a picture of those guests to refresh your memory and today ever so briefly we are going to provide you with the opportunity to hear from them again.

guest list q4 2023

From the outset I want to let you know that if you are able you are best to watch this episode of YouTube rather than listen to it as an audio. WHY – because of the way we created this one.

You may be familiar with the we promo teaser we release each week ahead of the episode release. Well in this recording we insert those promo teasers into the video but not into the audio. As a result in the audio you will hear me do the intro of each guest but you won’t hear the promo video.

Apologies in advance if this causes any challenges or upsets your normal listening pattern.

Today’s Guests: All 12 from Quarter 4, 2023

Final words from Wayne:

As we wind down now for the end of this calendar year, we would like to say a huge thank you to all of you that continue to tune in each week and take on the learning our guests share.

In 2024, we will continue in the same vein as we finish off in 2023, and hopefully with a little more clarity and concise questioning by yours truly.

We have just one thing remaining before closing the curtain on this week and that is our 90 minute Masterclass that is live at 3 pm HK/SG time on 29 December – yes, that’s Friday this week! If you haven’t registered yet you still can.

Here’s your link

If you can’t make it we understand and look forward to seeing you the same time and location in one weeks time.

Bye for now, wishing you a wonderful Happy New Year to start 2024.

Episode 80, Wrap for Qtr. 4, 2023 transcript with host Wayne Brown

Speaker 2: Welcome to the ET Project. A podcast for those executive talents determined to release their true potential and create an impact. Join our veteran coach and mentor Wayne Brown as we unpack an exciting future together.

Wayne Brown: Hello, I’m your host Wayne Brown and welcome to the ET PROJECT. We’re delighted to be delivering this podcast for executive talent all over the world whom we’re affectionately referring to as TEAM ET.

Today, it’s my turn once again – I’m flying solo – Why? Well as some of you will know it means one thing – we are going to be wrapping up our quarter and in this case Qtr. 4 for 2023.

So, today I’m not travelling, I’ve just come back from a trip to Singapore where I caught up with a couple of past guests which was great. But today I’m staying put and sitting here in my Shanghai office.

It’s been another incredible quarter hasn’t it? We have had another 12 amazing leaders join us and generously share their experiences, knowledge and insights which so highly appreciated.

Therefore, as we do on the 13th week of each quarter, today we are going to look back over that guest line-up and touch on the highlights our conversation.

Alright so, let’s take a look at our guest line up for this quarter and the way do this is to chunk our 12 guests into 4 blocks of 3 weeks at a time.

And thanks to our marketing team we’re able to incorporate the promotional intros that we did with each guest to save you listening to my wonderfully monotone voice the entire time.

Yes, I know – you already sitting there saying Amen to that!

So here we go with our first three guests –

  • Dave Goodall
  • Ashton Rodenhiser
  • Tom Applegarth

Let’s trip back to the beginning of October where we first met Dave Goodall in Raileigh, North Carolina. Dave helps Entrepreneur-minded leaders align their energy, skills, and business processes to realize their dreams. Interestingly Dave says he was gifted with Dyslexia, and realized that he could see things others struggle to see. Here is Dave’s response to one of my questions.


Next up is Ms. Ashton Rodenhiser. If you recall Ashton sits in Nova Scotia, Canada and is our Sketch noting guru. More correctly she is a graphic recorder and visual strategist who is passionate about lifting the creative spirit in everyone that she meets.

She has followed her passion for helping people communicate their ideas and combined that with creativity by founding Mind’s Eye Creative Consulting.

Have a listen to what Ashton shares during our conversation.


Our third guest is Mr. Tom Applegarth, over 30 years of HR experience, including serving at high-profile companies – Tom is based in the city of Saratoga Springs on the northwestern shores of Utah Lake and his considerable experience has brought significant, measurable improvements in employee engagement, attrition reduction, recruitment of the best and the brightest employees, and establishment of high-impact HR processes and improvements. Check-out the insights he shares in this short clip.


So that rounds out our first trio.

Our next three guests commencing toward the end of October are

  • Pauline Kirk
  • David Doerrier
  • Michelle Hoffmann

Starting with Pauline who is CEO and Founder of Femvestorsglobal™. Pauline is a powerhouse in the way she approaches her life and businesses.

She uses her 25+ years of experience and the skills she has gained from working in the Corporate Male-Dominated World where she continues to break down glass ceilings, to challenge norms and push the boundaries of major institutions.

Pauline supports women with how to become financially fabulous and create financial abundance.

Have a listen to this short conversation.


From Pauline Kirk we connect with Mr. David Doerrier or David D as many refer to him. I prefer Santa Claus. David is a dynamic professional speaker, trainer, and coach with over 25 years of experience in training and development, leadership, and communication. With a passion for helping individuals and organizations achieve their full potential, David brings knowledge and expertise to his presentations.

Here is what David had to say when we spoke.


And rounding out our second group of three, as well as taking us to the halfway mark is our guest from Fort Mill in South Carolina, the queen of Relationshipping, Ms. Michelle Hoffmann.

As you will hear during our conversation Michelle is gifted with the Art of Relationshipping.

She is a Keynote Speaker, Life & Relationship Coach, program producer of “The Art of Relationshipping.” And an International Best-Selling Author of five books including “Life Worth Living,” and “New Management Blueprint.”


For our own second half commencement we have three more very interesting guests join us.

  • Manoj Vasudevan
  • Pia Wendelbo
  • Jim Bishop

Let’s start with Manoj Vasudevan. Manoj Manoj is an internationally renowned Next Level Leadership Readiness Expert who helps leaders to breakthrough to the next level of career, business and life.

He is the CEO of Thought Expressions, Chief Mentor at Next Level Unlimited and the 2017 World Champion of Public Speaking. Here is what Manoj has to say about one question.


Next up is Ms. Pia Wendelbo. Pia is a Change Agent and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in strategy, innovation, product development, process optimization, and organizational change as business head of Finland’s largest bank Nordea.

She is passionate about helping companies and individuals navigate digital disruption with the aim of growing and transforming successfully.

Have a listen to one portion of our conversation.


That brings us to our final guest in this block of three, Mr. Jim Bishop. For 25 years, Jim thrived in the corporate world. He built teams, managed budgets, increased revenue, and facilitated over 20,000 hours of leadership programs.

As he traveled the world, working with leaders and assisting customers, he became acutely aware of the misdirected energy within corporate structures. Instead of channeling energy towards solving problems and boosting productivity, many leaders divert a significant portion of their efforts into navigating bureaucracy and hierarchies.

Great conversation – have a listen


And now to our final trio to round out quarter 4. Can you start to sense the enormous value on offer here as we work our way through these amazing people. My hope is that the conversations are bringing you equal enjoyment and learning. I know that my knowledge continues to grow exponentially as a result of this opportunity.

So our final three guests in order of appearance on the show were,

  • Annie Yang
  • John Leister
  • Ambika Devi

Annie Margaretta Yang has recently released her second best seller titled The Five Day Job Search and this is our primary reason for this conversation.

By day, Annie works as an accounting manager and business operations leader in the real estate industry. By night, she gives her all to help others overcome the biggest obstacle of their lives. She specializes in saving money and helping people free up funds in their budgets for the things that truly matter in life.

Have a listen to our conversation.


Our penultimate guest this quarter is stationed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and is a prolific creative fiction writer in his spare time, Mr John Leister.

I mention spare time intentionally as John works full time as a security guard, yet incredibly has managed in the space of just 4 years to publish in excess of 100 books. Here is a portion of our conversation.


And now to our final guest of Qtr. 4. Ms. Ambika Devi. Ambika is loving referred to as the Yodini Yoda and a Meditation Jedi.

As a speaker, Ambika’s expert knowledge of the mind and her engaging storytelling, inspires audiences and provides effective tools to demonstrate how they can alter neural pathways and thought loops.

Ambika delivers Keynotes, panel discussions and in-service retreats for organizations both nationally and internationally. She has appeared on TLC-The Learning Channel, syndicated and public radio, NY Public access television, is a recurring guest on podcasts and vlogcasts, and taught holistic health at the university level for 21 years. Backed by 47 years of experience, >13,500 hours of study and having taught over 20,000 people the art of meditation.

See what you can learn from this clip.


And with that TEAM ET we have reached the end of this recap. Hopefully this short review has triggered some fond memories and perhaps flagged an episode that you wish to go back to for a second listen.

As we move now into the start of a new year – 2024, we have another exciting 12 guests waiting to join us and share their stories, insights and wisdom.

Hoping to see you again next week when we get started with Ms. Mariana Macias, who helps top executives and leaders transform their organizational culture, while recognizing that they are part of their own transformational journey.

Until then, enjoy the New Year celebrations, stay safe, stay healthy and bye for now.

Speaker 2: Thank you for joining us on the ET Project, a show for executive talent development. Until next time, check out our site for free videos, eBooks, webinars and blogs at coaching4companies.com.

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